About us

Dropship China Pro is a registered trademark of Minguang Trading Co., Ltd.
We provide professional dropshipping solutions for e-commerce businesses worldwide, including product sourcing, quality control, global warehousing, branding & customization, blind dropshipping, automatic order fulfillment, fast delivery worldwide, and after-sales services.

Our journey


Founded in Hangzhou, China, in 1998, before e-commerce started to develop, Minguang Trading Co., Ltd began to provide international trade solutions like product sourcing, product and packing customization, quality control, and shipping, among other services.


In 2015, with the fast development of e-commerce, we decided to start providing dropshipping services for dropshippers who dropship with Aliexpress.


In 2016, we realized that e-commerce entrepreneurs need more than the average services, so we decided to create Dropship China Pro and specialize in providing businesses ready to scale with the most efficient and professional dropshipping solutions.


Today, we are one of the best Chinese dropshipping suppliers with an international team of more than 50 experts from Belgium, China, Colombia, Congo, and Mali.

Having an international background allows us to deeply understand the main concerns of e-commerce entrepreneurs when dropshipping from China and offer excellent and timely solutions to take your e-commerce business to the next level. Our team is currently working towards additional expansion and growth with one goal in mind...

Help your e-commerce business grow smoothly and stress-free!

We aim to provide you with the best resources available in the industry.

  • The best multilingual customer support experts.
  • Fulfillment warehouses strategically located worldwide.
  • Partnerships with thousands of manufacturers.
  • Access to hundreds of fast and reliable logistics routes

Our Team

Dropshipping experts