Dropshipping Fulfillment from China: the Myth & the Facts

Nowadays, dropshipping fulfillment is more and more popular in the world and in China particularly. According to the data from United Nations, China has been the world’s largest manufacturing country and deserves to be called the “world factory”. The increase in China’s manufacturing value has ranked first in the world for 11 consecutive years. Now, this number has accounted for nearly 30% of the global share. In other words, 30% of the world’s goods come from China, in fact, the real account is much more than this number.

So there are many cross-border sellers who choose to buy Chinese products at low prices and sell them on Amazon, eBay, and other platforms at a higher price. They make profits through the information gap of consumers. If you are online store owners or dropshippers, then this blog will be beneficial for you. This article will show you the benefits of dropshipping from China, and then talk about the myths and facts about China dropshipping. And then we’ll also tell you the factors you shall consider when you choose the fulfillment company. Now let’s dive into it.

Why shall you choose a Dropshipping Fulfillment from China?

You must doubt that, why start a Dropshipping from China? Why China? When mentioned to China, most people will think of “cheap but low-quality”, but actually that’s a stereotype. Now let’s show you the real status of dropshipping fulfillment from China.


low cost

This is the biggest reason why you should choose dropshipping from China. The product price is competitively low-price in the world. As mentioned earlier, China has low labor costs and plenty of resources for its manufacturing. Despite the fact that in the previous years, people had a bad impression of Made in China. Most people thought that products made in Chinese factories were junk. But in fact, as the technology has been updated and iterated, Made in China products have become mechanized and intelligent, and the quality of the products has been guaranteed. The low cost and relatively good quality have become the new synonym for Chinese products.

So if you choose dropshipping fulfillment company from China on your behalf, then the cost to you is very little. Because the cost of goods is very low, you just need to find the right shipping company to help you ship your goods. And there is little to no risk since you won’t pre-buy the products and keep them in your inventory. You can always purchase when you get an order from the client.

Diverse products types

The wide variety of product types is also a benefit of dropshipping from China. Chinese manufacturers have a huge variety of products that you never find from any other country. They are proficient in creativity and can design different kinds of products that meet the aesthetics of different countries according to the characteristics of each country. This makes Chinese products very attractive to people all over the world. There are also some well-known brands from China that offer good products at extremely reasonable prices, such as Huawei, Haier, Tsingtao Brewery, Gloria, Peacebird, and so on.

And with dropshipping from China, you can just send your suppliers what styles of products you want, and your suppliers will show you a long list with different goods in this style. Then you just need to pick out something you like and update them in your online shop. After customers place the order in your shop, the fulfillment company will read the orders and fulfil them.

Little venture risk

This is more of a benefit of dropshipping in general. But for dropshipping from China, you will be even more confident. As the venture risk is low. And you only have to pay after your customers pay. You don’t need to pay for an inventory either. You don’t need to touch or see the product before it reaches your customers. The product will be delivered directly from your suppliers to your customers. What’s better than that?

Of course, you will need a small budget to run ads or maybe other things when you start your business. But the risk is really low. It’s not that you put all your money in the basket and then it’s all gone in one night. You have a lot to learn and have little to lose. So what are you waiting for? Just need a little bit of investment, and then you can obtain a business to develop.

shipping times

Worldwide shipping

Because by sending through China, all you need to be responsible for is the front-end sales issue. So you don’t need to think about the courier side of things, your agency will manage that. This means that you are dealing with customers all over the world and you can sell your goods all over the world, which is an unbelievably huge market.

Your business can go international with the right products and marketing strategy. You have the liberty to ship your product anywhere in the globe and the right choice would be to ship to the countries that have higher currency rates than yours, which would benefit you in more profit.

The Myth of Dropshipping Fulfillment from China

Myth 1# Poor quality products

This is indeed a myth. I believe you should have heard that many foreign buyers are biased against Chinese products. It is believed that the quality of Chinese products is poor. But there is actually a reason for this.

Myth 2# Copyright issues

Another big problem when dropshipping from China is the copyright issue. Because China’s copyright laws were not perfect before, there are many products made in China that use copyrighted images without permission. If your country doesn’t have copyright laws, this may be OK. But when you ship to the US or EU, this can be a big problem. You could be at risk of being sued. Most Chinese suppliers don’t know this because there are no such strict copyright laws and restrictions in China.

Myth 3# Long shipping times

The biggest problem of dropshipping from China is shipping time. It takes a really long time to deliver products from China. So be prepared for this issue when you decide to dropship from China. Discuss with your dropshipping agent or suppliers clearly about the shipping time. Come up with a thorough action plan to update shipping issues on your website, pages, emails to your customers. Be actively resolve any problems if any.

Coupled with China’s current epidemic prevention and control policies, China’s logistics chain has received a huge blow. The transportation time is very unstable.

dropship China

The Facts of Dropshipping Fulfillment from China

Facts 1# Quality depends

Honestly speaking, product quality depends on the price that the seller chooses to pay and there is no such thing as a “low-quality product specifically for reselling”. It depends entirely on the seller from whom they choose to buy the product.

If you choose a product with a very low budget, obviously you will have to compromise on quality. However, the advantage of buying products from China is that you can buy cheap, sell more, and have good quality. That is why China is highly recommended when you want to start any kind of trading business.

Facts 2# Awareness of copyright improves

Now, copyright laws are widespread all over the world. Most suppliers are copyright aware and rarely have copyright problems. China has implemented a series of existing policies related to copyright law. At the same time, China is also paying more and more high attention to the maintenance of patent rights. Roughly 30% of the 3.3 million patents filed worldwide in 2018 originated in China, and 52% of global trademark applications also originated in China. It is evident that Chinese people are also paying more and more high attention to copyright, and suppliers’ awareness of property rights has been greatly improved.

Facts 3# Shipping time has been greatly narrowed

Take Dropship China Pro as an example, the shipping time from China to the UK is 6 days, and to the USA is 7 days. The general freight forwarding services used are air freight, and the epidemic sealing control has a greater impact on the loading and unloading of the port. For companies using airfreight methods, this is not a big problem. As airplanes are now becoming more common, the number of airlines is also increasing. The cost and time of air freight is greatly reduced compared to before.

myths and facts

How to Choose the Dropshipping Fulfillment Company

1. Consider the budget first

Price is the decisive factor because the fulfillment company has a level one and two, put out different prices, and the shipper will generally choose the price within their budget, or even far below the budget price. So you shall consider your budget and make a bottom price. Then you can choose the service of dropshipping company according to your budget level.

2. Then check the reputation

Many ecommerce sellers will consult the fulfillment company in the industry for some evaluation. Some fulfillment company has made their own reputation stink, whether on the well-known website blacklist or the image of the industry is widespread. When a fulfillment company’s reputation is stinky, naturally they are not a good choice.

3. And the Time limit

If you sign the same contract, there are fast shipping systems such as Star, Mason, etc., and the time limit is about the same. But due to the strength of the problem, not every fulfillment company can arrange the schedule at any time, the advantage of arranging the schedule at any time is that, according to the shipper’s delivery time, projecting the arrival time, choose to avoid the time near the weekend to the port, arrange the schedule. If the weekend arrival, Monday or Tuesday just can be arranged for customs clearance, but near the weekend arrival, queue clearance may take a day or two, to the weekend, others stop customs clearance, customs clearance is delayed two days, the time limit is so drawn. Therefore, you can choose the more ship dates of the company, the shipper naturally prefers.

Dropshipping Fulfillment Company

4. Establishment time is also main factor

Some fulfillment company was established only a year, or even just set up. They let people suspect that their operating capital is not sufficient, and will not “run away with the money”, like the freight forwarder that ran away years ago, receivable 3 million, payable 12 million, the goods to withhold, want the shipper to make up the difference of 9 million, in order to take the goods away.

Such a fulfillment company was established for a short period of time, with insufficient capital turnover, and lack of thorough thinking, not being responsible for the cargo owner’s goods. And such companies often rely on low delivery rates to attract small and medium-sized store owners.

5. Last but not least, Logistics solutions

Stronger fulfillment companies can provide a variety of logistics solutions, similar to air plus dispatch, sea dispatch, sea card, etc., and these logistics solutions have many different combinations of forms, such as Alton’s sea dispatch speedy pass headway fast ship & UPS priority delivery, and sea dispatch fast pass headway fast ship & UPS ordinary delivery. Due to the different delivery methods of the two-way, the time limit is also different, and the price also changes with the time limit. These are only two options, there are other combinations for different clients.

Dropshipping is an excellent way to start a business as it doesn’t require so much capital. However, it needs patients and hard work to ultimately achieve your desired success. It won’t be simple, and you’ll have a lot to learn but Paltrack in partnership with Dropship China Pro helps you achieve your ROI faster than ever. Paltrack allows you to automate the entire syncing of all your fulfilled orders tracking info from your Shopify to PayPal on autopilot. Also, Paltrack ensures you maintain your PayPal Seller Protection status. Read More Here: How To Reduce PayPal Fund Holds | 2022 Easy Solutions.

Final words

After reading this blog, you’ve learned the myths and facts about China dropshipping. Nowadays, dropshipping from China is still a trend. Because the cost-effective products of China can bring you lots of profits. And you can’t go wrong by choosing Dropship China Pro. We are a good choice if you want an affordable solution, and we can provide the best ratio of price and performance!

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