Global Warehousing

Overseas Warehouses

Keeping customers satisfied could have never been so easy!
We give you access to 13 warehouses strategically located in 9 different countries that allow you to deliver products to your customers in 2-4 days while benefiting from all our other premium services, and the best of that? No extra fees! That is right; we offer free storage in our Chinese and overseas warehouses.

Inventory Storage

100% Free Storage

Having a partner that keeps your inventory safe, replenished, and ready to be shipped out at any time is priceless. With Dropship China Pro, you can enjoy these benefits for free at all of our warehouses.

What are the free storage periods?

  • 90 days of free storage when keeping your products in any of our Chinese warehouses.
  • 60 days of free storage when keeping your products in any of our overseas warehouses.

We believe that if an inventory has not been sold for at least two months, then it is time for you (the seller) to make some strategy adjustments or test new products.

Extra value solutions

We keep track of your inventory levels and provide you with daily updates and inventory alerts, so you never run out of stock.

We give you consumption forecasts so you can have your products ready for your next ads campaign or special holidays.

We handle product returns and resends with ease: all returned, sellable items will be repackaged and added to your active inventory.

Why do you need to keep an inventory?

  • The worst nightmare of e-commerce entrepreneurs that scaled their dropshipping business and have stable sales in their online store is not having enough inventory to fulfill orders; therefore we recommend keeping stock in our warehouses.
  • Products held in stock are shipped out to customers within 24 hours after placing an order in your store, and this will keep delivery times as fast as you want.
  • Orders with products held in stock will be updated with tracking numbers 12 to 24 hours after your customers place an order in your store.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

We got you! Contact our experts to get the dropshipping solutions your business needs!