How to Instantly Find a Dropshipping Agent to Boost Your Profits

A dropshipping agent, in simple language, is a ‘middle man’ who owns several warehouses located worldwide to cater to their clients’ needs. The primary function of a dropshipping agent is to negotiate the prices of your best products so that you can benefit from preferential prices. Imagine earning a 5 to 10% price reduction per product. This means that you’ll reduce your expenses and eventually generate better profit that will sum up to several dollars per purchase.

What is a Dropshipping Agent, and What Are Their Services?

They offer a one-stop service to provide you with the best dropshipping solutions. They will help you find the best products, prices, do the fulfillment, arrange shipment, and save you time and energy to focus on other business functions such as advertising and marketing. They will be the ones responsible for taking care of high-volume orders from procurement to shipment and delivery. An agent with a global reach would be more preferred as you would also be able to cater to people globally with faster shipment time and less hassle.

No matter long you’ve been in the dropshipping industry, you’ll still benefit a lot from shifting to having a dropshipping agent. They are, undoubtedly, such a great helper. Here are the services you’ll get in hiring an agent:

  • Fast Reliable Shipping and Deliveries

Agents like Dropship China Pro aim to avoid long deliveries, lost packages. Damaged products and hidden fees. We research and compare hundreds of couriers and only choose the most promising ones. We hire an international logistics team that is expert in dealing with massive data analysis to determine if these couriers are reliable, their policies are well-structured and followed, and most importantly, their shipping rates are affordable and minimal.

It would usually take 3 to 10 days to main markets in the USA, CA, UK, and AU when fulfilling from China. But when fulfilling from an overseas warehouse, it would usually only take 2 to 4 once stored at overseas warehouses.

  • Product Sourcing

Access to thousands of reliable suppliers will enable you to choose your ideal product prices, quality, and risks. Lowering the costs of your merchandise is a direct way of maximizing your profits. At Dropship China Pro, you’ll be introduced to numerous suppliers offering a variety of products from a large part of the globe.

  • Better Product Branding for Better Customer Experience

You can have negotiations with your chosen dropshipping agent to have your products’ packaging be changed. Customized your products stand out in the competition. These branding strategies add more value to your products, giving extra contentment to your current customers and sending an invitation to future ones.

  • Quality Control

The quantity of your products does not matter as long as their quantity is not that high. Consistent quality control takes a long-time of work, massive effort, attention to detail, and systems for monitoring and assessing the products. Considering you have a large number of orders each day, you must invest in people doing this complicated task. Fortunately, Dropship China Pro guarantees product quality before and after they were shipped to avoid bad customer reviews and fulfill client obligations in product returns and payment refunds.

  • Free Storage and Overseas Warehousing Program

Keeping track of your inventory by communicating with a trusted dropshipping agent would go a long way. You should be able to know the safety of your products and if they are replenished regularly.

You should also take note that not every agent you’ll bump into offers a free storage clause. Fortunately, Dropship China Pro provides you with this benefit. We also have 13 strategic located warehouses in 9 different countries.

  • Blind Dropshipping

A type of dropshipping where not only is the shipment sent directly to the customer, but that customer would not know the identity of the supplier. With this dropshipping solution, your products will look produced, packed, and shipped all by yourself from the customer’s local country or any country of your choice. We also use local courier tracking numbers and custom packaging to make products look like you are the one who manufactured and shipped them.

  • Branding & Customization

Making your business stand out from the competition is a great way to build a strong brand. With the help of an agent, insert exciting stuff in your product packaging such as Thank You cards, discount offers, logo stickers and many others to add extra value to your product and improve customer experience.

  • Automatic Order Fulfillment

Dropship China Pro’s self-developed order management system will allow automatic management of orders. Say bye to lengthy order fulfillment procedures that serves as a bottleneck in the overall business operation.

What a customer placed an order, you need to prepare and deliver the items in it. This process is referred to as order fulfillment. Fortunately, Dropship China Pro has a dropshipping solution that uses technology and resources to automatically manage the fulfillment process, which helps to speed up processes, save time, and reduce human error.

When you integrate your store into our order management system, we get your orders fulfilled, tracking numbers updated, and customers notified within 24 hours after receiving an order in your store.

When Should You Get a Dropshipping Agent?

Dropshipping is a process when your customer makes an order or purchase from your site, and you will be ordering this item from a supplier, mostly from China. They will be the ones to ship the item to your customer. With this scheme, you will not be responsible for holding any inventory or worry about packaging and shipping.

Once you’ve reached 30 orders a day, you should start planning to look for a dropshipping agent. In most cases, agents will require you to reach 50 orders a day before they partner with you, but it can still go through after some negotiations. When building your brand, you should be more conscious of your products’ uniqueness by proper branding. This is where the importance of agents comes in. Without them, you will not be able to repackage your products and turn them into something distinct. Companies like Aliexpress do not offer a service of this type. You’re just ordering products from them and sell the same product to your customers, like what your competitors exactly do.

Reaching stable order flow will enable you to commit to an agent. It is the time where you should upgrade your business processes since you’re building customer loyalty. In able to do this, you should go back to the basics of the business: price, delivery time, and branding. These are where your agent can help you best! However, you should keep in mind that they are not disposable, and a partnership with them would most likely last for years. Be meticulous and critical in finding the most reliable dropshipping agent you’ll work with for a significant time.

Beginners in the dropshipping industry tend to start by partnering with Aliexpress suppliers. It is understandable as it is effortless to befriend and communicate with them.

If you are a complete beginner, start by using Aliexpress suppliers. However, in the long run, you should find better ways to maximize profits, and one way is to say goodbye to this useful site.

Why You Should Bid Farewell to Aliexpress Soon?

Aliexpress is indeed a helpful place to find the best products where your business will focus on. But once you’ve identified your winner, and you’ve been in the industry for a while now who regularly realize tremendous profits, you should look at the bigger picture.

You’re probably frowning right now and being a skeptic as to whether where this leads. AliExpress is perhaps your first best friend today, and you’re still cherishing every profit you gathered after partnering with its suppliers. This company has cemented its name in the industry for a long time now and still leads many businesses to success up to this day. Well, we couldn’t overlook its benefits, one should always look for better options.

When you reached a point where you get hundreds of daily orders, you should think of scaling up your business. Consider switching up your business strategy to a more cost-friendly one. AliExpress isn’t good for a huge company that is taking a large number of orders. Here’s an unpopular opinion: not everything about dropshipping with AliExpress is impressive, and here are the apparent reasons why:

  • You Are Not Receiving the Whole Profit

Aliexpress suppliers, who source their products from several manufacturers, will be adding their profit and sell them at a retail price. This means that if you directly communicate with the manufacture, you’ll instantly gain access to products with lower prices, thus earning you better profit.

  • Long Fulfillment Process Leads to Customer Dissatisfaction

Customer is king, and it will always be true to business ventures of any type. It is challenging to bulk orders at once, but you cannot claim this as an excuse to your customers. Aliexpress. The average processing time for them is between 3 to 7 days, which is not ideal. Many times, Aliexpress even takes a day to simply verify the payment of the orders. Partnering with a dropshipping agent like Dropship China Pro will quickly negate this seemingly bothersome bottleneck in your operations.

  • Limited Quality Control Procedures

As cliché may it sound, quality is key to success. Although a partner, you will not have any control over the quality of the products unless you check them one by one, which is tiresome considering the number of daily orders. Suppliers also tend to let a lot of wrong orders slide when dealing with a large amount of daily demands. This downside ultimately results in bad customer reviews, damaging your company’s reputation and branding.

  • Product Exclusivity

The business industry is driven by products with high sales value and trends. Your future competitors can look at what products sell abundantly and copy your business style instantly. The lack of authenticity amongst sellers destroys your company’s branding. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about it since you’re just a regular site user.

Complaints like suppliers adding promotional items in their products, slow and expensive shipping, and account suspensions due to multiple identical orders are bombarding Aliexpress more often. It is more of a communication problem since some Aliexpress suppliers couldn’t understand English. It is a good reminder for any business that is looking for a dropshipping agent to be mindful of this. Also, fast shipping with the company is overpriced, while slow shipping takes a month or two, visibly not viable for necessary products needed in urgent circumstances.

When it comes to customer service, the service is disappointing. A time will come when you are concerned about a wrong order, but the supplier couldn’t help you because of the language barrier.

How to Find a Dropshipping Agent?

You must consider that you must pay them for the products you ordered through bank transfer before successfully hiring a dropshipping agent. Agents also have different minimum daily orders for you to acquire inventory from them. Usually, you should buy a total of 30 to 100 charges, although the process is entirely negotiable but may be restricted by certain conditions.

You also have to connect your business to systems and applications. As to Dropship China Pro, we have self-developed an order management system to automatically read, manage, update, and fulfill orders with their respective tracking numbers. Bid farewell to CSV files and manual work in updating your orders and just focusing on the company’s value-adding processes such as marketing.

  • You can use freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork. Browse through their website and search for ‘dropshipping agent’ or any relevant keywords like ‘e-commerce agent,’ ‘outsourcing agent,’ ‘dropshipping,’ ‘drop shipper,’ etc.

In Upwork, you can use the feature ‘Post a Job,’ enabling you to enter a job search post where you can detail the job specification, the exact position in the company, and your company details such as the number of employees and company name. As soon as someone capable has credentials and is capable of doing the job, you’ll instantly receive requests of, sometimes, over a hundred. Although the process of searching for interested people was fast, you should still exert effort in interviewing them and checking their records individually to ensure the success of the engagement.

  • You can also go to famous social media applications, specifically Facebook, to join groups and post a dropshipping agent search. You should specify the niche of your products and go into more details as much as you want. However, this type of method is not practical since after posting, your message will get spammed with messages even from trolls, and it’s tough to identify which one is reliable and which one is not.
  • Enough with the lengthy procedure of researching. You can just browse through websites of companies that dropship products. They are trusted and well-known companies. You’ll spend less effort and time in dealing and drawing negotiations with them. Dropship China Pro is one of the leading websites to render product outsourcing services.

When choosing an agent, you should interview him/her up to the point where you can say that your business is compatible to be handled by him/her. Here are the things you should know about them:

  • Number and Location of Warehouse
  • Length of Processing Time
  • Experience
  • Quality Control Systems
  • Product Labeling, Customization, and Packaging
  • Minimum Order Policy
  • Inventory Data System or Application
  • Service Charge and Return Policy

After closing a deal with a chosen agent, they will be sourcing your products, storing them, handling them with proper diligence, uniquely packaging them according to your negotiations, and eventually shipping them to your customers. You do not have to worry about the quality of the products and reviews on your website since they will be the ones to quality check your products throughout the process.

Dropshipping agents are becoming more popular as time passes by. Thanks to the advantages of hiring them, you wouldn’t worry too much about your business anymore while gaining more significant profit than usual. However, finding one can be a bit burdensome since many people want to apply for the job. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Dropship China Pro can guarantee you to procure high-quality products from trusted suppliers and import them all over the globe. A reliable dropshipping agent can help reduce the burden of product sourcing and supply chain management, providing you more time to focus on other essential business procedures. Partner with us today, and let’s make a brighter future together. You can visit us at