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Quality Control

As your fulfillment center, we check every single item we send out to your clients on your behalf. This is part of our basic package and does not involve any additional cost! The basic, typical QC includes the following:

  • a visual check, to confirm its compatibility with the products ordered;
  • a handling/usage test, to verify it is working and the quality of the materials and manufacturing are respected;
  • a general dimensions test;
  • a visual check of the packaging;

In addition to this, we of course also make a quantity check and control the necessary documents for shipping and customs.

Some additional tests are also being made on specific items, such as the weight of heavier parcels, or the tightness of the container for liquids.

If you have any more specific requests - like a different type of test; more detailed measurements or specific reports - this is all possible: while our clients usually request basic checks for basic products, we can also make very specific tests and provide detailed reports.

Contact us now for any clarification!