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Find the Right Niche

Find the right niche products

A successful dropshipping business is all about 'Niche'--Find the niche, sell it successfully, and most importantly, stop others from copying it. Yes, in this fast-developing e-commerce world, hiding to the others about what you are selling is very important. 

Choose your niche:

When you decide to sell a perfect product, remember that others can easily copy and sell the same thing. Especially if you are sourcing from Aliexpress, by some niche product find software others can find increasing selling products very quickly, and your product can be found and copied in 3days. (The Difficulties and Disasters Hiding in Dropshipping through Aliexpress) That's another reason why people use Dropship Pro China, all product sourcing purchases are made by offline payments, directly to manufacturers, no one knows you are selling this product, and no one knows this product is a hot-selling item.

Find a product that others can't ship:

How well have you probed the norms and flaws of e-commerce is equivalent to your depth of success in this trade. You would figure that the majority of people are selling items, not batteries, not liquid, and not anything less than 2kg. These are the restrictions of e-packet, which is the primary shipping method that majority dropshippers are using.

At Dropship Pro China, you don't have these limitations.

Liquid products

Liquid products dropshipping

It would interest you to know that there are only two companies that accept parcels with liquid in China (most people don't know). If you, therefore, can find a liquid product and make efforts to sell well, your competitor may have no way to compete with you because they don't know how to ship the products.


Big stuffed products

Stuffed products dropshipping

We use our customized compression machine to make it small and easy to send; this vacuumed technology enables people to send the parcels without extra volume charges. This technology is a game-changer you would never know if you don’t take a crucial thought, survey, and research while choosing your niche. You would realize how true this cliché is “there is enough space in the sky for all to fly,” but do you sustain the thought patterns of a flyer.

Heavier products

Heavier product dropshiping

Is the product more than 2kg? No problem, there is always a way to ship. Not using expensive express shipping companies, but affordable special line shippings, single parcel weight can be up to 30kg.

Shipping to niche countries

There are so many countries you can sell to, don't just limit your sales to the Big 4 countries, now there are more potential markets, with less competition in the advertisement.


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