Dropshipping Services


3-10 business days delivery when fulfilling from China to main markets, or 2-4 days when fulfilling from global warehouses.

Product sourcing

Access to more than 5K high standard quality suppliers from different industries.

Branding Customization

From custom packaging, Thank you cards to printed logos and more.

Quality Control:

When items enter (storage) and leave (fulfillment) our warehouse.

100% Free storage

In both Chinese and global warehouses to shorten lead times.

Automatic Order Fulfillment

12-24H fulfillment for items in stock & 3-5 days for news items, tracking numbers updated in your store using self-developed OMS.

Overseas warehouses

In USA(East and West coast), Belgium, UK and Australia .

Blind Dropshipping

Orders updated with the local courier tracking numbers.

After sales service

Rapid solutions for quality and delivery issues with 24/7 customer service in .