Voice Control LED Wooden Alarm Clock Digital Wood USB/AAA Powered

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  • Voice control ,but need decibels greater than 60
  • Power supply mode:3AAA battery,but ddon't conclude in the package/also can USB-powered
  • Power-Saving Mode ("--: sd"-- close, “on: sd"--open)
  • Weekend Alarm: "- -: E" --alarm open, “on: E"--alarm close
  • Brightness: L1, L2, L3 adjustable


  • Material: MDF+PVC
  • Screen Type:LED
  •  Power Supply: DC 5V-6V input or AAA battery (not included)
  • Size: 150mm × 70mm × 45mm
  • Package Size: 17cm x 5cm x 8cm (6.69in x 1.97in x 3.15in)
  • Brightness : L1,L2,L3 can adjust


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