Alibaba Dropshipping

Alibaba Dropshipping Vs Direct Factory Contact

 As a developing business, there are indispensable information’s you must have to close deals (with better odds), one of such information is the challenge of the dropshipping system on Alibaba or other channels verses having direct contact to the factory. As much as Alibaba dropshipping appears to be a middle man to you who build your business around Alibaba dropshipping services. It can not be overemphasized that they are suppliers for factories. This may be indirectly or directly such that the agents of factories work with/for Alibaba.

How do we certainly know that the above stands true?

There are simple tips I would show you that only people who are familiar with the trade can hint you. These suppliers show this characteristic you should look out for:

  • They request for big MOQ’S: MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity, it is a standard that offers a minimum number of products available for sale to firms/persons who have the capacity to make the purchase. This system eliminates the ability of small/developing business to make or initiate profitable, the goal of MOQ is to set a standard for the kind of personnel or firm that can request for the supplier’s service.
  • Poor customer service: It not intentional, but they have so many orders such that focusing on optimal satisfaction of one customer would bring a set back for other people’s pending order. Although it is possible to achieve optimal satisfaction for every customer ranging.
  • Their available media for products in terms of photos or videos are not clear, nor updated, and may not be consistent with the product you receive.
  • For large/bulk orders you get better consideration for the selling price, but for lesser number of orders, you would observe that the prices are not commensurate (higher than normal) when compared to bulk orders.
  • Because they are suppliers they have a wide range of products for bulk/small scale sales, unlike manufacturers who are restricted strictly to their products.

What else you should care about Alibaba Dropshipping

Haven made this stern distinction, at this point of the article it should be slightly clear to you already how the trading system (drop shipping) is ran. A manufacturer supplier is what you need to get direct contact with the factory, this outrightly rules out suppliers who offer a wide range of products. It is going to be difficult to get direct contact of factories in China as a developing business, you must be bringing something big (very large MOQ) to the table to be given audience. If you can’t bring something big to the table your next available option is to be prepared to build an intentional relationship over the years (say 9-12 years if you are lucky). In spite of all odds, you are lucky that Dropship Pro China is looking for such a relationship you seek (a limited slot as we are fast growing). We have the relationships you need with the factories directly and can provide better services ranging from quality products, quality delivery, product inspection, packaging, first-hand manufacturers, and drop shipping amongst our many other services. Quick tips on how you can determine if a supplier on Alibaba or any channel is a manufacturer supplier:

  • Always ask for larger units of MOQ than expected, it takes a manufacturer supplier to lay hold on these large quantities and produce immediately.
  • Ask a lot of professional questions on the products, questions you know only a manufacturer can be familiar with. Dropship Pro China doesn’t source from Alibaba or other bigger e-commerce firms, we get the first-hand manufacturers to offer you their product. Trust me when is say our offer is the cheapest of all offers you can get, any other offer presented to you has an unseen chain of command. This chain of command system are in levels (various middlemen are involved) this results in an aggregate overhead cost from each middle man involved in the process. At this rate Dropship China Pro‘s offer would be better incomparably to other options.