Stop worrying about long deliveries, lost and damaged packages, and hidden fees.

Our premium delivery program offers affordable shipping options without extra fees while guaranteeing your products reach customers’ hands in perfect condition and within the promised delivery time.
delivery to the costumer
Picking a logistics solution is not easy since every country has different shipping routes, couriers, policies, and rates that are not easy to deal with. Dropship China Pro makes it easy for you by picking the most suitable logistics solution according to your business needs.

How do we pick the most suitable delivery solution for your business?

Our international logistics team uses big data analysis to continuously compare millions of shipping rates and routes to provide you with the most most effective (fast and affordable) delivery solution for your business.

But low-cost and fast delivery are not the only things you need, you also need reliable logistics partners to run your dropshipping business smoothly, and we know it.or you by picking the most suitable logistics solution according to your business needs.

We also compare hundreds of shipping couriers and their flight frequencies, parcel handling capacity, warehouse locations, warehouse size, as well as their delivery, parcel handling, and customs clearance policies in different countries.

Delivery Times

When fulfilling from China:

Once stored at Chinese fulfillment warehouses, we will deliver your products to customers located in the main markets (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand) 7 to 14 days after creating orders. Deliveries from China to remote locations and countries from Center and South America, Africa, and Asia typically take 15 to 25 days.

When fulfilling from overseas warehouses:

Once stored at overseas warehouses, we will deliver products to your customers 2 to 4 days after creating orders. However, preparing and shipping your products from China to an overseas warehouse would take at least 15 business days, and times might vary depending on the overseas warehouse you want to store your products.

Our logistics partners:

United States Postal Service
swiss post
On trac
Yun Express
Post Nord
post nl
La Poste
irish post
New Zealand post
Poste Italiane
Canada Post
Helth Jem
Royal Mail
an post
asendia by la poste and swiss post
Correos España