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Dropship Products Sourcing From China In 2021: Yay Or Nay?

As different businesses emerge along with the fast-paced growth of technology, people are becoming more focused on business models with simplicity and low-level risks. Having a safe business model such as drop shipping is indeed valuable, especially during these challenging times. Dropshipping lets you run a business without needing to store your products in a warehouse or any storage room. Many huge platforms have adopted and helped make this very business model grow in just a few years. In fact, over 1/3 of e-commerce businesses all over the globe use dropshipping as a way to manage their inventories, and China has become their primary supplier.

China has been named the biggest exporter of goods in the world many times now, and it is a fact everyone cannot deny. Since the ’80s, China’s export industry has dramatically developed. Wherever you look at it, China is a great place to source your product from. May it be clothing apparel, kids toys, electronic products, kitchen tools, or any product you can state, China has it for you.

Advantages of Dropshipping From China

Sourcing products from china through numerous supplier. Considering this method for your business is a common idea every business owner will have in his mind. Allowing the business to scale with ease is what drop shipping will let you do. In just a tiny amount of time, your small online store may connect with a multinational dropshipping company that will allow you to source products, have efficient customer support, and discover your industry more.

China has improved its laws and regulation about importing and exporting products, making it one of the leading countries to uphold e-commerce globally. This holds an extensive appeal for newcomers and interested business owners. In this part, we will tackle the advantages of dropshipping from China and why the country is a popular destination for retailers and startups.

Low-Cost Products

With advanced technologies, large-scale machinery, and wide premises, Chinese suppliers and manufacturers have found a way to create a system that allows them to produce products at low prices. Also, compared to other Western countries, China has a lower labor cost. That’s why the manufactured products will also cost less compared to products outsourced or produced outside the country.

Improved Product Quality

If you still think that products made in China are low quality and are fragile, you’ve probably haven’t buy anything from China yet for decades now. Through the years, China has succeeded in improving its quality standards, especially in the Chinese market. Technology sophistication and continuous research and development were the focus of the market for years now. As it is already proven and tested numerous times already, you should believe that China-made products can compete with international products.

Minimal Start-up Cost

If you are going to start a business with a dropshipping model and source your products from China, you will only need zero or minimal capital to proceed with the business. You will also be saving many costs since you will not be obliged to provide a warehouse management system, inventory personnel, insurance policies, and other equipment and machinery such as order processing equipment, barcode scanners, and forklifts. It is undeniable that managing an inventory is costly, not to mention the other stressors such as returns.

Less Stress

Aside from the financial benefits of dropshipping from China, you will also be relieved of management tasks normally posted on business owners or managers. Creating a profitable yet health-friendly business is what you should aim for. Do you think you can handle customer concerns alone? Are you ready to answer phone calls at midnight to talk to an unsatisfied customer? If not, you should know that this is the reality that every business owner faces every day. Running a business is not easy, especially when you are doing it on your own. However, if you decided to drop ship from China, business processes would feel a lot lighter as suppliers and fulfillment centers will be the ones to take care of the majority of your workload.

Product Availability

Whether you own an online store searching for a particular product to start a new product line or a huge company looking for a source of a similar product you are offering, dropshipping from china is a good move. This country provides an unlimited product portfolio, and simply choosing the dropshipping business model will instantly gain you access to thousands of wholesalers and major retailers. These suppliers are partnered with agents and fulfillment centers that are committed to taking care of your inventories after ordering from your chosen suppliers.

Fourteen countries border China, and if you wonder what’s the best country to get your products from, wonder no more! This country is strategically located in the middle of countries, allowing suppliers and agents to ship your products and inventories efficiently. Dropshipping suppliers and agents like Dropship China Pro has warehouses set worldwide to cater to the needs of their clients and ensure lightning-fast delivery times. Although it is not guaranteed that dropshipping from China would be the best option for your retail e-commerce business, it is an excellent option you can always avail of.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping From China

Nothing in the e-commerce world is a perfect dropshipping model nor a source of the product. Dropshipping is not an exception to this. In communicating with the seller or even with the buyer, you will find specific common disadvantages just like any other dropshipping business experience. Here are the things you should consider before entering this business model:

  • Language Barrier

Since you are dropshipping from a foreign country, suppliers will most likely have a different language from you. And we have to admit that building long-term relationships with suppliers through proper communication is the priority. Considering this disadvantage, it would be hard for you to communicate what products you want to avail of or what type of service you want to receive. Fortunately, there are suppliers and agents that already solved this problem. Take note that you should always prefer those that can provide you with good communication. In case of problems, you can talk to them and solve the issues effectively.

  • Long Delivery Times and Delays

Customers indeed hate long shipping and delivery times, especially when their orders arrived late at their premises. It is a common problem that every drop shipper from China encounters. Delays may also be experienced, especially during holidays. Supplier are more likely will have their holiday breaks during special occasions, and stocking up inventories beforehand is a must-do.

  • Highly Competitive

People ask if dropshipping is dead in 2021, and the obvious answer should be a big NO. Dropshipping is still viable and profitable, but it has become more competitive than ever. Since it is easy to establish a dropshipping retail business, many people have tried to enter this realm. Due to the unlimited resource that our present technology provides, entrepreneurs are becoming more trendy and innovative when it comes to product packaging, customization, and marketing. This imposes a significant risk on entrepreneurs who cant adapt to new trends and innovations.

  • Negative Impression on Chinese Products

There is a common idea that if products are made from china, it is illegal, substandard and fake. All of these assumptions are not true when it comes to dropshipping. However, it is inevitable to dodge these claims since this is so well-known in the business industry. It greatly affects your sale, brand name, and even your standing in the industry. Plenty of evidence and articles have been spread worldwide to disprove this negative opinion, yet people still neglect facts. One thing is for sure; China is continuously looking forward to improvements and advancements in its systems.

3.How Can Dropship China Pro Convert These Disadvantages to Opportunities?

  • Language Barrier: Many suppliers and agents, specifically Dropship China Pro, have hired people who can speak English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Mandarin for more accessible communication. You will no longer have to worry about relaying your ideas to us since our experts will surely understand!
  • Long Delivery Times and Delays: Dropship China Pro has strategically located its warehouses worldwide to provide you with fast deliveries. By having outlets or fulfillment centers around the globe, you can now stop worrying about the delivery inconvenience. For example, you have an e-commerce business located in Paris, and we will stock and process your inventories in our warehouse located in the United Kingdom so we can ship them to your customers as fast as possible!
  • Highly Competitive: If you still haven’t optimized your online store’s order processing system, we can do it for you. You can integrate your shop with our order management system. It will automatically read and generate orders and send emails to customers to update them on the order’s progress. Shopify dropshipping from China is now easier than ever!
  • Negative Impression on Chinese Products: Dropship China Pro’s blind dropshipping feature lets you get rid of Chinese labels from the products you are selling; thus, people won’t know where it came from. You can take this as an advantage since we can also put the product package at a different address of the seller and where it is manufactured. If your business is based in the United States, you can communicate with us that you want to change the manufacturer’s address to a city in the US. That’s how easy it is!

4.Where to look for suppliers?

Looking for suppliers is an easy task, but looking for a reliable and trustworthy supplier is an extra-complicated one. Aliexpress is an excellent platform for beginners or businesses who are testing and finding their winning products. The platform is indeed user-friendly as it does not require advanced knowledge about web development to create and integrate your online store there. For advanced drop shippers who already found their winning product and are already sourcing less costly products, it is the platform for you. For example, you’ve been in the industry for years now, and you are now gaining 30 orders or more per day, you should try to switch to Alibaba to secure lower-priced products for higher profit margins.

5.Why is it important to check the quality of products?

Always take note of this idea: the quality of your products and services reflect your brand and reputation. It doesn’t matter how good your customer service is or how fast the products were ship to your customer’s premises; as long as the product is substandard, your customers will hate your company. Your dropshipping partner should strictly inspect products when they arrive at the fulfillment centers and right before shipping them out to your customers. Your products’ quality should always be prioritized. This is what Dropship China Pro exactly does!

6.Why is it important to prepare stock when dropshipping from China?

Because it normally takes around 3 or 4 days for the products to arrive at fulfillment centers, and more often, factories cannot produce or do not produce enough to keep up with your demand. It should not also be a huge deal for you if you have constant daily orders. It is always important to be cautious and prepared. Especially during holidays, some fulfillment centers will take a break, and you will not have any stocked inventories in the warehouse ready for shipment. These issues could delay the shipment of products and ultimately delaying sales.

Do you plan on dropshipping from China, but you have no idea, and you’re scared of the uncertainties and risks ahead of you? Do you want to convert the said disadvantages into opportunities for your business? Now’s the time to partner with Dropship China Pro! We believe that dropshipping with China is still YAY! But you should do it with a reliable dropshipping agent and supplier. We offer dropshipping solutions to e-commerce stores worldwide.