how do we charge

  • No start up cost or monthly fees, we only charge on orders.
  • Transparent pricing: your dropshipping cost on per package=Product cost from manufacturer+ International shipping cost+packing cost+15%total cost ( Service fee of dropshipping) * Customers get discount on dropshipping service fee for larger quantity 
  • We don't get products from Aliexpress but directly from manufacturers. 
  • If the product you need to source are not in our current product catalog, we need you to pay for the samples source if needed. We need to know the products we send out are with reliable supplier and good quality Sample sourcing cost: sample checking, we charge the exact cost of sample+domestic shipping and service fee (15%of total cost). If you need to check the sample by yourself, you need to pay for international shipping cost and service fee(15% of total cost); or we can provide you a video taken by phone about the samples which is for free.