Dropshipping Fulfillment from China: the Myth & the Facts

If you are online store owners or dropshippers, then this blog will be beneficial for you. This article will show you the benefits of dropshipping from China, and then talk about the myths and facts about China dropshipping. And then we’ll also tell you the factors you shall consider when you choose the fulfillment company. Now let’s dive into it.


All You Need to Know about Ecommerce Fulfillment Cost

We’ll also explain the breakdown of ecommerce fulfillment cost so that you know exactly where you’re spending every penny. What’s more, this article will tell you the difference between ecommerce fulfillment and warehousing, which is also an explanation of why it’s the best choice for you to choose a 3PL fulfillment partner. After that, you may want to know what partner deserves you to trust, don’t worry, we’ll give you recommendations!