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How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products?

dropshipping products

What should your business sell? It is the biggest question before initiating a business, but do you know that even the most prominent companies still struggle with this question? When a multinational company notices a downward trend in its sales, it will indeed detect what’s off in the business. And one of the first things they will evaluate is their products.

A business should always know how their products are doing in the market, and if an owner finds out that a product is no longer that profitable, he should consider changing the product line. However, finding and testing a product is indeed an exhausting task. Choosing which product will represent your business is a significant decision that needs proper deliberation.

What are the winning dropshipping products?

A winning product is a product that sells crazy and the product that your customer truly loves. It is like a blockbuster movie that every single one of your customers would love to have. It will bring your online store to new heights and can undoubtedly significantly impact your sales and profits. This is the kind of product that will boost your branding and will give you more than enough confidence to continue your dropshipping online retail store.

Do you wonder why a specific customer would repeatedly buy from the same store even though he knows there is a nearer store? It’s simply because of the difference in the products. For example, many stores are selling shoes, and you’re also planning to sell shoes. This is simply like suicide for your business, and you would not like that. Coming up with a product different from others is a goal of every business. It lets you differentiate and even stand out from the others. After choosing a product, it should persuade buyers to buy it or make them feel about buying it for themselves despite not truly needing your product immediately. Triggering impulse buyers is your aim. In this blog, we’ve prepared everything you need to know about winning products, what they are and how you can find them. Here are a few determiners of a winning development:

a. It has a “wow” factor

If for students, there is a “campus crush” or for models, there are “head-turners,” in business, specifically in products, there are winning products! These are the types of products that will make a customer feel sorry for themselves if they do not purchase them on the first sight. It should have excellent qualities so you can always surprise your customers and future leads.

b. It gives a solution to a common problem

Well, your product shouldn’t only be catchy by appearance but also helpful and functional. What gives a winning product good reviews mostly is since it targets a problem not commonly solved by other products.

c. It is not typical

Differentiation is what makes a winning product more saleable than others. If you have the same product as the other store beside you, the customer will only buy from you based on chances. If you have a longer customer queue in your store, customers can quickly switch to the other store and buy the same thing. Common products do not create nor uphold customer loyalty. But with a unique winning product, customers will choose to stay in a queue to avail of your product despite minor hassles. Since your winning product is not available in many stores, you can build the business around this product. Have you heard of a portable iron that can be stored inside a small bag and brought to places of meetings without any hassle? A product like that partnered with an exciting niche would come a long way.

d. It produces larger profit margins

Not only is it amazing and unique, but it should also produce good results for your business. Remember that any business’s ultimate goal is to gain profit to allow better products and services in the future. A business shouldn’t be stagnant, and it should constantly be developing, which is where a winning product would greatly help. If you think that finding one single winning product is enough, you are missing out. Do you know what comprises the bestsellers of a successful online store? Exactly! Winning products.

Before getting into the real deal, we should first know what the types of product that you should be careful in dealing with, or better, avoid them at all cost are:

  • Huge size products: Carriers have certain limitations when it comes to the products they ship. Also, products for dropshipping should only weigh 2-3 kg per package. The bigger your chosen product, the more costly the shipping fees will be. Why not try drop shipping mini items? It occupies minimal space and will require less expensive shipping fees!
  • Illegal Products: Yes, since you have a broad reach for suppliers, it is not possible that you find illegal products. These products cannot be advertised on Facebook, so it poses another threat to your marketing strategies. This includes unlicensed branded clothing, unregulated supplements, weapons, tobacco products, drugs, drug-related products, surveillance equipment, and adult products.
  • Copyrighted products: These products are copied from a particular brand and produced without their permission. These products are illegal and can’t be advertised on Facebook because they degrade your branding as a business. Imitated products will disappoint your clients and will start to doubt the quality of your products.
  • Fragile products: Glassware is a big NO in the dropshipping industry! You wouldn’t like delivering broken products to your well-loved customers. Although some carriers can handle them with the proper care, it is still risky. You don’t only risk your products but also the trust of your customers.
  • Clothing: Choosing this type of product depends solely on your preference. But it is more advisable to dodge this product line. A common problem with this product is the uncertainty of sizes. They differ from one brand to the other, boosting the chances of product returns. Most of your products will come from China, and as expected, it has Asian sizing. But if you think that your customers can identify their sizes, this might be a viable choice for your business.
  • Mainstream products: Every business has this product on its shelf, so why still sell it? As simple as that! The competition over this product is already crowded, and you don’t want to suffocate your customers with the same product all over again.
  • Dangerous products: There are products that are not illegal but still pose a danger to people. These are sharp products such as kitchen knives. In nature, it might be a mother’s tool for preparing the most delicious dishes, but in practicality, it is still a lethal weapon. Aside from the danger these products impose, you cannot also advertise them on Facebook. So please, keep away from them!

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products

1. Go with the flow

Having the freedom to try any product that you think trends is one of the most incredible benefits of dropshipping. You are not, in any way, committed to buying and selling the product over and over again. You can do trial and error. Buy a sample of a particular product, sell it to your niche, and if it fails to profit, you can immediately dispose of that product line idea and try another one. Surfing the trend gives you insights into how the market works at a specific point in time, and it lets you quickly integrate new products into your business at any time. You are a retail dropshipping business owner, and you have to take advantage of this kind of business model.

2.Dive into the most prominent e-commerce retailers and check their bestseller listings

What company do you think of when talking about e-commerce? It should be Amazon! It comprises a considerable part of American e-commerce, partaking in 40% of its totality. Amazon is also currently the best e-commerce retailer worldwide, so it’s just right to benchmark with them. This remarkable company gives valuable information about what products best sellers on their website. One good thing with amazon’s bestseller listing is the categorization of products. You’ll indeed never run out of choices. You should try to explore each category and check and weigh which products will best fit your customers’ needs. The process of finding the best products inside Amazon is indeed plain and straightforward, and you’ll have to:

I. Go to the bestsellers page and look for products that you want to sell. Since these products are categorized, you can promptly go to your niche market and browse through the products there.

II. Select potential winning products. You also should learn about their sizes, weight, and prices.

III. Compare it to other trending products from other sites. Through this way, you can verify the popularity of the product.

Check if there are available suppliers; this is how you can gain maximum profits by finding the product variant with the least cost. However, if you do not have enough connection, you’ll find this step hard. But with a reliable dropshipping agent like Dropship China Pro, who has links to thousands of suppliers, It’s a piece of cake task! You will also no longer worry about processing these products since Dropship China Pro will be responsible for your inventory from the product sourcing up to the after-sales services.

You can also find more potential winning products on eBay. Although it is undoubtedly a smaller company than Amazon, you can still learn from this site. eBay’s app has a function where you can check what the most popular on their website are – they call it “Watch Count.” By comparing these two giant companies’ winning products, you can validate which are genuinely the successful ones. Upon reaching and contrasting the products’ value, usage, and prices, you should decide where to source them.

3.Check your competitors

This might sound evil, but it is undoubtedly beneficial to the process! Spying on your competitors is a skill a business owner should master. You can visit their website and their pages on different social media platforms to know precisely what they are up to. They will indeed have a bestsellers list, or if they do not have any, you can always look for patterns in their collections. Check their highest-rated and best-selling products and have an idea if your proposed development can match theirs. Do not focus only on a single company. Have plenty of research and look for international companies’ websites to learn more about current market trends. If you’ve found out your product might not prosper in your niche market after in-depth research and you’ve a better look for another product. However, if the case is the opposite, you should go for it!

4. Social media advertisements with the highest engagement

This is the most accessible process for anybody. We believe that any business owner has a social media account that can search for social media ads that apparently attract or even amaze many people. These ads have the power to make people laugh, comment, or even share them! These are the characteristics of an authentic winning product.

Winning Dropship Product Decision

Have you realized yet that this decision might last for the whole business life cycle? Your chosen product will be your stepping stone to success. It will be a foundation and inspiration for your future winning products. It is just right to always rely on the best when it comes to sourcing products from suppliers. With Dropship China Pro, we uphold diligence and care in our services. We ensure that you receive the products with top-rated quality. We are always happy to serve you. If you have chosen your winning products or any inquiries about possible winning products, our expert team is always available! Visit our website for more.