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CJ Dropshipping Guide 2024 For a More Profitable Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping suppliers nowadays are becoming more complex; it is just right to know how to deal with them appropriately. Knowing exactly how to use a platform specifically will surely save a lot of time and energy. In this blog, we will tour you through the process of dropshipping with CJDropshipping, as well as its benefits and differences from other platforms.

CJ Dropshipping Background

CJDropshipping is a China-based platform that can source products, process orders, and fulfill shipments. Also known as CJ, this huge wholesale company was established in 2000. This company has over 400,000 products available in store for any aspiring and found online retailer. This number is more than enough to answer every single request of a business regarding trendy or winning products. It has 29 international warehouses strategically located worldwide to give its client the privilege of fast and convenient shipping terms. It is also known for its services like customized packing and excellent product branding.

Working with CJDropshipping

Proclaimed as the combination of Oberlo and Aliexpress, CJDropshipping has cemented its name in the dropshipping industry as of the most reliable wholesale retailers.

Here’s how to initiate working with CJ Dropshipping:

  1. Create an account
  2. Connect your online store to your CJ account. We will be tackling this process later.

CJDropshipping will let you sell whatever products you want, may they exist in their store or not. When the product is existent, you can list the products to your store from the list of CJDropshipping products, but if your desired outcome is not included in the list, you can always post a sourcing request. This solution will let you efficiently answer the needs of your chosen niche market. You can send sourcing requests by clicking the Sourcing tab on the homepage of the site. On the upper right corner, you’ll see the button Post Sourcing Request. There, you’ll be filling up necessary information about the product URL of a similar product and expected price, then click Submit. You can verify if the request was successfully sent by checking the sourcing page. If it’s:

Pending, the request is still in the queue.

Failed, then CJDropshipping’s team was unable to source the product.

Succeeded, then  CJDropshipping’s team was able to add the product and will now be available to be retailed at wholesale price. Please also note a limit in the number of sourcing requests every day depending on your CJ account level. It ranges from 5 to unlimited sourcing requests daily.

Connecting CJDropshipping to Your Store

Connecting CJDropshipping to Your Store

CJ can be connected to various well-known platforms used for dropshipping, such as eBay, Woocommerce, Shipstation, Lazada, and Shopee. There are two ways to use CJ’s connection feature: Automatic connection and sourcing connection.

Here’s how to use the Automatic Connection feature:

  1. Having an established store in platforms such as eBay, Lazada, etc., is the first requirement of connecting your store to CJ. But if you do not have any, you can manually place orders or via CSV files.
  2. In CJDropshipping’s website (https://cjdropshipping.com/), Go to these tabs: My CJ > Products > Add Automatic Connection > Choose the platform and store you want to authorize
  3. Sync > Pin > Select which products you want to connect > Match > Choose what keywords will be set for the title > Confirm > Connect. Note: The fastest way of getting your product information is to click Match if your products match CJ’s, but if not, using “search IMG” the next move.
  4. Search IMG > Pin > Select the Products > Connect.

After transferring product information from your store to CJDropshipping’s site, you have to connect them one by one. You also have to choose which shipping terms would be used, and right after, click Confirm. Please do note that these options can be changed even after you connected your store.

After transferring the products themselves, you can verify that your products were correctly connected by going to the Connection tab.

Here’s how to use the Sourcing Connection feature:

  1. Simply click these tabs: Products > Connection > Add Sourcing Connection. Afterward, you will be able to sync products by choosing store and clicking Sync.
  2. Search which products you want to be copied from your store to the CJ sourcing. Click Pin > Connect
  3. Different variants of the products will then appear. It will let you connect the product with various variants to your store’s product. After the selection, choose shipping modes, and terms in Shipping Method > Confirm.
  4. Same as the automatic connection feature, you can also verify things through the Connection tab.

Why Choose CJDropshipping?

Why Choose CJDropshipping

This giant company may serve and help you in any drop shipping service available in the dropshipping industry. They can offer you efficient and effective solutions to your business’s problems while giving you many opportunities to work within making your business prosper. Simply put, CJDropshipping pools thousands of products in one place so you can choose what products will best suit your business. It sells its products at wholesale prices without requiring you to purchase a significant amount of its stocks. Profit-wise, working with CJDropshipping will result in better sales if you are buying in bulk. They will let you store it in their warehouse, where your products will be shipped from once orders come.

Difference between CJDropshipping and Aliexpress

You have probably already raised your eyebrows while reading the former paragraph, and you’re now questioning how CJDropshipping differs from Aliexpress. There are significant differences between the two, such as:

  • CJDropshipping is a one-stop service platform whose services include warehousing, photo and video taking, POD, COD, and other significant client support systems. This might be one of the most notable differences between the two. Aliexpress as a wholesale retailer, does not involve itself in the fulfillment services.
  • In terms of product listing, Aliexpress should takeover CJ. There are an estimated 2.5 billion product listings on Aliexpress, making it one of the best platforms to find winning products. On the other hand, CJ only has 200,000+ orders, which is quite underwhelming. Although it is understandable since all of these products were posted by the CJ team, compared to Aliexpress, the seller does the product listing.
  • Although both of their systems can be described as “easy,” CJ’s approach is a bit more complex since it combines the functions of Aliexpress and Oberlo. With Aliexpress, it is as simple as creating an account, buying and, eventually,  selling products, nothing more and nothing less.

Sellers also differ from both platforms

Sellers also differ from both platforms. Aliexpress sellers usually are individual sellers who could not access their products’ primary source, resulting in higher original costs and lower margins. Aside from higher product costs, vendors on Aliexpress will also have to pay fees if they want their store to be seen by a larger audience. In CJDropshipping, since transactions were critically arranged and managed by the CJ team, there will be fewer operational and unwanted expenses.

It should be evident by now that working with CJDropshipping will undoubtedly result in a better customer experience. You might deliver to your customer what you have promised regarding your products, but you can never exceed their expectations. With CJDropshipping, you can always do this and surprise them with extra care, support, and perks. Turning new customers into loyal ones is easier with this platform.

  • CJDropshipping can do product customization through unique packaging. This will make your store and product stand out from the rest, giving you better chances at standing out in the competition. And since CJ does not require any minimum order quantity, they can do it in many orders.
  • The last significant difference between the two is probably the warehousing and quality of storage. Do you want your inventories to be stored inside a well-maintained warehouse or inside of the house of vendors? Although some Aliexpress vendors may have small to medium size warehouses, a majority of them do not have any.

On the other hand, CJDropshipping has massive and well-maintained warehouses worldwide to have better and faster product shipments. For example, when a customer is located in Germany and ordered a product from the warehouse in Germany, it will only take 2-5 days.

Services Benefits of Dropshipping with CJ Dropshipping and Their Benefits

Services Benefits of Dropshipping with CJDropshipping

Quality Control

Of course, products should always undergo inspection and checking. Quality control is essential to ensure that the products are within the specifications of the final product. It is carried out to know the effectiveness of the manufactured product. As for CJDropshipping, it partnered with over 400 different fabrics to be in their store. You can choose from 13 categories of products from their store. Besides this, you can also select where to procure these products by identifying the warehouse location, prices, and shipping terms.

Order Fulfillment

The company pools its services in one place and offers them to its clients. They will be responsible for processing your orders, ordering, handling, storing inventories, and eventually shipping them to your customers. It should also be noted that the CJ team will be the one doing all of these things, compared to Aliexpress, where individual suppliers will do it for you.

During this time, you can negotiate with CJDropshipping whether you want to change anything on the product packaging. This is precisely you make professional-looking products. Since your products will be specifically tailored for your customers, they will love it more and will have a higher chance of sticking to your brand no matter what.

Product Sourcing

As discussed earlier, you will not run out of options in dropshipping with CJ. It is always a fact that not everything will be available in the store for you. That’s why sourcing requests on the company’s website are available. You can research the product, request sourcing, and wait for the team to respond to your request. This will give more diversity not just to your business but also to the company as a whole. It can also be ensured that since the CJ team are the one who will look for suppliers, they will get the product with the best quality but at the lowest price.

Customized Photo and Video

No business will ever want a good video and image in their listing. High-quality presentations will surely persuade potential buyers into partnering with the company. Fortunately, this feature is available for CJ users, and it’s free!

Print on Demand

More customization results in better branding! CJDropshipping won’t fail you in this area. They offer a print-on-demand feature that lets you incorporate messages and other customized details into your products.


CJDropshipping has a reliable refund policy to answer your customers’ concerns regarding the products. Today’s era is more doomed than ever, and even self-proclaimed “trusted buyers” may also scam your business. CJ can monitor the completion of the tracking so you will not be aggrieved once faced with problems such as an incorrect address, unknown number, non-existing persons, or non-delivery.

The Disadvantages of CJDropshipping and its Camparison to Dropship China Pro

Despite a long list of partnering with CJDropshipping, there are still major drawbacks with their services that might make you reconsider not giving them a slot in your business:

  • Website is not user-friendly: For a typical business owner who is still discovering things within the industry, CJDropshipping’s interface is incomprehensible. Many users will surely have hard time initiating a partnership with the said company, unlike with Dropship China Pro, they process is easy-to-understand and will only require you to send them a message through this link: https://dropshipchinapro.com/pages/contact-us. We also have approachable staff whom you can always talk to if you need to clarify things.
  • Another notable disadvantage is CJDropshipping does not send receipts and invoices automatically, and the only chance you’ll receive them is by formally requesting it from them. This is the exact reason why buyers are normally getting discourage to buy from the platform. Compared to Drosphip China Pro, we uphold integrity, objectivity and transparency. We ensure that every receipt is well-documented and is sent to buyers as soon as it is available.

About Dropship China Pro

Key Features:

  • Tailored Account Management
  • Seamless Integration Across Multiple Platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Wish)
  • Product Finding and Acquisition Assistance
  • Automated Order Processing and Fulfillment
  • Rigorous Quality Control Measures
  • Custom Packaging Solutions
  • Swift Global Delivery
  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Reliable 24/7 Customer Service

Shipping time

Shipping time


  • Dedicated Account Coordinator
  • Extensive Distribution Network Spanning Four Continents
  • Rigorous Quality Verification Processes
  • Round-the-Clock Dependable Customer Support
  • Complimentary Warehousing Options
  • Transparent Pricing Structure
  • Immediate Order Processing and Dispatch
  • Branding and Customization Opportunities
  • No Minimum Manufacturing Quantity Requirement


No Access to Products’ Resources


  • System Access Fees: None
  • Receipt Fees: None
  • Storage Fees: None
  • Pick & Pack Fees: $0.5/item (Dependent on Packaging Complexity)
  • Delivery Fees: Slightly Lower than Freight Prices Offered by Logistics Companies
  • Return Fees: None
  • Account Management Fees: None
fulfillmentg costs


There are indeed many advantages in partnering with this company, and it might be a better company to deal with than Aliexpress when speaking about the prices and shipping terms. It is still up to you whether you want to integrate their system into your online store since you have firsthand knowledge. What do you think about CJDropshipping? Visit our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for more dropshipping updates. You can also call us at