Product Sourcing

Having more resources available at lowers prices than competitors and working directly with reliable suppliers allows your business to grow by reducing costs, reducing risks, and offering your customers quality products

Product sourcing is not simply buying on; it involves controlling product quality and lead times, bargaining, and keeping good relationships with factories. When you scale your dropshipping business and sell more than 100 orders a day, you need to get discounted prices and identify the factory’s production capacity, lead time, and policies on refunds and returns to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Product sourcing

We carry out factory audits, production capacity & lead time verification so we can offer you access to thousands of high-standard verified suppliers from different industries and millions of products at reasonable prices.

How does it work?

Send us a picture of or a link of your dream product, your target markets, and your average daily sales volume.
We find the best product option according to your business needs.
We find the best shipping solution.
We send you a detailed quotation.
We start growing your business together.