13 Best Evergreen Products to Dropship

E-commerce trends are fleeting, disappearing faster than a one-hit wonder. But for dropshippers seeking long-term success, the key lies in finding evergreen products. But what are they, and why are they so beneficial?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what evergreen products are and how to find them. We’ll also share 15 of the best evergreen products to dropship in 2024.

What Are Evergreen Products? 

Evergreen products are items that sell consistently well over time, regardless of seasonal trends or fads. For online retailers and dropshippers, focusing on evergreens is a key strategy to ensure steady sales and revenue. The main benefits of selling evergreen products include:

  • Reliable demand – Evergreen bestsellers tend to always be in demand, even as tastes change. This avoids the risk of getting stuck with unsold inventory.
  • Reduce effort – Once you identify winning evergreens with proven sales, you can keep selling them long-term without constantly having to find new trendy products.
  • Predictable income – Evergreen products lead to predictable long-term income you can rely on, making financial forecasting and planning much easier.
  • Save on marketing – Products with consistent demand require less marketing effort to generate sales. Satisfied repeat customers will keep coming back.

Choosing the Right Evergreen Products

When selecting evergreen products to dropship, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Product Utility and Purpose – Look for products that solve an everyday problem or need for consumers. Things like phone cases and pet supplies all serve important purposes in people’s lives. These are products they will continue to purchase over and over.
  • Broad Appeal – Choose universally appealing products that a wide range of consumers will be interested in, not niche items. Products like sunglasses, luggage, and basic clothing have mass appeal.
  • Established Brands – Select products from well-known, reputable brands that consumers trust. Big brands like Otterbox phone cases or Coleman camping gear are good examples.
  • Replenishable – Pick products that get used up or worn out over time, so customers have to replace them regularly. Things like fitness equipment, electronics accessories, and travel items fit this category.
  • Affordable Price Points – Look for products priced low enough that customers feel comfortable making impulse or repeat purchases. Under $50 is an ideal price point for most dropshipped items.
  • Positive Reviews – Check product listings for consistently good reviews. This helps confirm an item is high-quality and satisfies customers.
  • Trend-Resistant Design – Choose classic, timeless designs that won’t go out of style. For example, basic sunglasses or minimalist watches.

Top Evergreen Products to Sell Online

  1. Home Appliances and Improvement Gadgets

The home improvement market is booming, with people investing more in upgrading and customizing their living spaces. This presents an excellent opportunity for dropshipping smart home devices, tools, and appliances that enhance home functionality. 


  • High demand since people always seek to enhance their living spaces
  • Suitable for various demographics
  • Can command higher price points for premium features


  • Highly competitive niche with many established sellers
  • Bulky items may incur higher shipping costs
  • May require providing customer support for complex products
  1. Pet Care Products

The pet care industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with more households welcoming furry friends than ever before. With this rise in pet ownership comes increased demand for quality pet products and supplies. For ecommerce retailers, pet essentials represent a lucrative opportunity in the evergreen product space.

Pet owners are willing to spend considerable amounts pampering their beloved companions. Food, treats, beds, toys, grooming supplies, apparel, and more are popular staples that pet owners continually replenish. 

When it comes to food, pet owners are shifting towards premium, natural, and organic options with high-quality ingredients. In toys and beds, durability and safety are top priorities. For grooming, products that make cleaning and brushing easier are bestsellers. 


  • Loyal customer base as pet owners regularly purchase products for their pets
  • Broad range of products that includes foods, toys, and grooming supplies


  • Must ensure products are safe and non-toxic
  • Only some products may see seasonal demand peaks
  • Competitive niche with many players
  1. Fitness and Health Equipment

The health and wellness trend continues to drive demand for fitness equipment that can be used at home. With gyms closing during the pandemic, many people invested in building out a home gym. Now that gyms have reopened, consumers are still choosing to work out from home for convenience and to avoid germs. 

Some of the most popular home gym equipment include:

  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine balls 
  • Pull-up bars
  • Exercise mats
  • Foam rollers
  • Balance boards
  • Stationary bikes
  • Treadmills
  • Rowing machines
  • Ellipticals 

Wearable fitness trackers like Fitbits, Apple Watches, and Garmin devices are another evergreen market. These devices allow people to track steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, and other metrics. New models are released frequently with incremental improvements to continue driving sales.


  • Growing market due to an increased focus on health and fitness
  • Wide range of products, from small accessories to larger equipment
  • Consumables and upgrades encourage repeat purchases


  • Some equipment requires significant storage space
  • Higher initial investment for quality products
  • Some products may require customer education
  1. Travel and Luggage Essentials

With the travel industry booming after the pandemic lull, luggage and travel accessories remain a top-selling evergreen niche. As people start globetrotting again, they need quality luggage to transport their belongings. 

Carry-on spinners, checked suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, and totes are hot items. Beyond luggage, travelers need accessories to stay comfortable en route. Neck pillows and eye masks make flights more bearable. 

Adapters allow devices to be charged abroad. Packing cubes, toiletry bags, luggage scales, and locks keep travelers organized. By dropshipping travel gear, you can meet demand from jet-setting consumers without upfront inventory costs. 


  • Necessary items for travelers
  • Repeat purchases due to regular updates and replacements
  • Wide range of products to offer


  • Peaks and troughs based on travel seasons
  • High competition
  • Bulky items might increase shipping costs
  1. Gear for Camping 

Camping has seen a major resurgence in popularity over the past few years. More and more people are embracing the great outdoors and disconnecting from technology and the stresses of everyday life. 

This rising interest in camping is driving demand for high-quality camping gear and equipment. Some evergreen camping products to consider selling include tents, sleeping bags, lighting, and camping cooking gear. 


  • Growing popularity in outdoor activities
  • Wide array of products to sell
  • Some gear commands high price points


  • Higher demand during certain times of the year
  • Products must meet high standards.
  • Mainly appeals to outdoor enthusiasts.
  1. Clothing

Clothing is one of the most popular categories for dropshipping. Items like t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, dresses, and jackets are evergreen products that sell year-round. 

T-shirts can be dressed up or down and appeal to all genders and age groups. Print-on-demand dropshipping allows you to offer a huge variety of t-shirt designs without having to hold inventory.

Hoodies are another evergreen favorite, thanks to their soft, cozy fleece lining. They are a casual style that’s perfect for layering or wearing on its own. Dropship hoodies with popular graphic designs, school logos, or positive affirmations. 

Leggings have gained massive popularity in recent years as a comfortable, flexible wardrobe basic for women and girls. They come in cotton blends, performance fabrics, and eye-catching prints to suit any activity or taste. 

Simple, affordable dresses in jersey knits, cotton voile, and other easy-care fabrics make excellent dropship items. Floral prints and solid colors in casual, everyday styles tend to sell consistently well.

Also, jackets like jeans, leather, bomber, and windbreaker styles appeal to men and women alike. They’re easy to style for any season and purpose.


  • Clothing is a basic need with endless demand
  • Huge range of styles, sizes, and colors
  • Opportunities for branding and custom designs


  • Returns due to sizing issues
  • Consistency can be challenging with multiple suppliers
  • Keeping up with current trends requires effort
  1. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a popular dropshipping niche because it’s something people love to buy for themselves and others. The margins can be excellent, and you don’t have to hold much inventory. Some evergreen jewelry products to consider selling include necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. 


  • Jewelry can offer substantial profit margins
  • Easy and inexpensive to store and ship
  • Attractive to various customer demographics


  • Saturated market with many players
  • Ensuring product quality can be challenging
  • Keeping up with fashion trends can be demanding
  1. Phone Accessories

With everyone owning a smartphone these days, phone accessories are always in high demand. From protective phone cases and tempered glass screen protectors to chargers, cables, stands, lenses, and more – phone accessories make great dropshipping products. And with new phone models coming out all the time, the market for phone accessories keeps growing. 


  • New models create ongoing market opportunities
  • Often inexpensive, encouraging impulse buys
  • Broad variety appeals to different customer needs


  • Highly competitive with thin margins in some cases
  • Rapid tech changes can make products quickly outdated
  • Ensuring high-quality items can be a challenge
  1. Baby Products and Toys

When it comes to baby products, there are some evergreen options that will always be in demand. Clothing, feeding supplies, strollers, and educational toys are staples for parents of little ones. 

Baby clothing is a necessity that parents consistently need to restock. Onesies, pajamas, socks, and outerwear in neutral colors like white, gray, and green make great dropshipping items since they work for any gender. Stretchy pants, soft cotton shirts, and footed sleepers are wardrobe essentials.  

Feeding supplies like bottles, bibs, bowls, and cutlery get used multiple times per day. Sturdy, BPA-free bottles in standard sizes, cute patterned bibs, divided plates, and baby spoons are essentials. These types of feeding supplies will always be needed by new parents.

A good stroller is a must-have baby item. While styles may evolve, parents will always need a safe, comfortable stroller to transport the baby. Look for lightweight strollers that are easy to fold up and take on-the-go. Jogging strollers and travel systems that include an infant car seat are also useful.

Educational toys that stimulate the senses, motor skills, and imagination are perennial favorites. Rattles, soft blocks, shape sorters, and board books allow babies to explore their world while learning. These evergreen educational toys will never go out of style.


  • Constant need due to ongoing births
  • Extensive variety of products to choose from
  • High customer investment


  • Strict standards and testing required
  • Competitive market
  • Some items may have peak selling periods
  1.  Car Accessories

Car accessories enhance both the functionality and appearance of a vehicle, making them a popular choice among car owners. Essential items include floor mats, seat covers, and dashboard ornaments. 

Floor mats protect the interior of the car and are available in materials like rubber and carpet, suitable for different climates and preferences. Seat covers are not only protective but also allow car owners to customize the look of their interiors with various fabrics and designs.

Dashboard accessories, such as phone holders and decorative items, are both practical and allow for personalization. These accessories remain in high demand as they meet the dual needs of functionality and aesthetic appeal.


  • Nearly everyone with a car is a potential customer
  • Wide appeal for improvement or customization
  • Upgrades and replacements drive repeat business


  • Saturated with numerous options and sellers
  • Some products require customer education
  • Keeping up with car model changes can be challenging
  1. Electronic Gadgets

When it comes to electronic gadgets, there are several must-haves that cater to everyday needs and technological trends. Smartphones, tablets, and wearable tech like smartwatches and fitness trackers are at the forefront.

Smartphones and tablets continue to evolve, offering new features and improved performance that keep them at the top of consumers’ lists. Wearable technology has seen a surge in popularity for its health and fitness tracking capabilities, as well as for providing easy access to notifications and other phone functions.

Charging accessories, such as portable power banks and wireless chargers, support the need for constant connectivity and are essentials for the tech-savvy individual.


  • Constant consumer interest in the latest tech
  • New products and upgrades regularly available
  • Appeals to tech enthusiasts and everyday users.


  • Rapid innovation leads to intense competition
  • May require providing detailed product assistance
  • Products can quickly become outdated
  1. Weight Loss Products

Weight loss products are consistently sought after due to the growing awareness of health and fitness. Supplements, meal replacement shakes, and fitness equipment are key items in this category.

Supplements like fat burners and appetite suppressants cater to those looking for a boost in their weight loss journey. Meal replacement shakes offer a convenient way to control calorie intake while providing essential nutrients.

Fitness equipment designed for home use, such as resistance bands, jump ropes, and yoga mats, allow for flexible workout routines that fit into busy lifestyles. These products not only aid in weight loss but also promote overall well-being.


  • Continuous interest in weight loss and fitness
  • Wide range of products
  • High engagement


  • Products, especially supplements, must comply with regulations
  • Crowded market with many false promises
  • High demand for visible and quick results
  1. Furniture

Furniture combines functionality with aesthetics, filling spaces within homes and offices while reflecting personal style. Popular items include modular sofas, ergonomic office chairs, and multi-functional tables.

Modular sofas offer versatility and can be configured to suit various room sizes and shapes. Ergonomic office chairs are crucial for comfort and posture support, especially for those spending long hours at a desk.

Multi-functional furniture, such as tables that double as storage units or beds with built-in drawers, is particularly appealing for maximizing space in smaller living areas. These furniture pieces meet the ongoing demand for both style and practicality.

By focusing on these essential and versatile products, you can cater to a wide range of consumer needs and preferences across various categories.


  • Can command higher price points
  • Appeals to various tastes and needs
  • Constant need due to moves, upgrades, or first-time purchases


  • Bulky items incur higher shipping fees
  • May deter some customers
  • Styles can change, affecting demand

Grow Your Dropshipping Business with Timeless Products

At Dropship China Pro, we know that finding the right products isn’t just a part of your business—it’s the heart of it. This is why our product sourcing service is designed to connect you with evergreen products that promise consistent sales and timeless appeal. 

By focusing on high-demand, low-competition items, we help you uncover opportunities that are not just profitable today but will continue to be valuable assets to your store in the long run. Our expertise in spotting trends and understanding market dynamics ensures that you’re always ahead of the curve, equipped with products that resonate with customers and keep them coming back.

Furtheremore, quality and fulfillment are the twin pillars that support every successful dropshipping business, and at Dropship China Pro, we reinforce these pillars with our rigorous quality control and efficient logistics services. 

Each product you choose goes through a comprehensive inspection process to ensure that what reaches your customer is nothing short of excellent. Once quality is assured, our fulfillment service takes over, smoothing the path from warehouse to doorstep. 

We handle the complexities of logistics, ensuring timely deliveries and a seamless customer experience, so you can focus on growing your business and connecting with your audience. With us, you’re not just shipping products; you’re delivering satisfaction and building trust.

Final Thoughts

Evergreen dropshipping products provide a solid foundation for an ecommerce business model and mitigate some of the risks and uncertainty associated with more faddish products. The categories covered give a good sampling of proven winners.

If you need help finding the best evergreen products to dropship, reach out to us today for expert advice. 

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