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15 Best Dropshipping Products To Sell In Summer 2024

Summer is finally here, bringing with it endless opportunities for fun and well-earned relaxation. But apart from the brighter mood, warm days, and gloriously long evenings, the summertime also blesses dropshippers with something far more exciting: an opportunity to increase sales. 

With the exception of the Christmas and Black Friday peak seasons, consumers spend more money at this time of year. Savvy dropshippers must seize the day and make the most of it by stocking up on the best summer products to meet the season’s demand.

From beach essentials to cool gadgets, having a wide range of summer items in your store will attract a steady stream of customers looking to make the most of their sunny days. Be shrewd about it, and you can then retarget those customers in the winter season.

Key Points

  • Maximize Summer Sales: Summer is a prime season for dropshippers to boost sales with in-demand products.
  • Proven Summer Products: Our list focuses on reliable, high-margin items that consistently perform well each summer
  • Versatile Offerings: From fashion items like polarized sunglasses and sun hats to practical goods like air conditioners and beach bags
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Highlight products like insulated stainless steel water bottles to attract environmentally-conscious buyers
  • Enhance Customer Experience: To increase average order value, offer bundles and add-ons, like pairing pool floats with other summer items.

Summer Products Are All About Variety

The beauty of dropshipping is the ability to offer a variety of products without the hassle of managing piles of inventory. This greater flexibility allows you to quickly jump on trends and provide your audience with the best summer items without delay (unless you specialize in specific niches, of course). 

Through this list, we hope to improve your sales by suggesting some wonderful summer items that everyone will find interesting, whether planning a beach day or a backyard barbecue. 

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Summer Dropshipping Products Picks

But first, a quick caveat: we are not reinventing the wheel with anything groundbreaking here. The summer dropshipping products you see below are seasoned, dependable, trusted picks that simply never disappoint at this time of year. 

So, while we haven’t selected anything new to the market or cutting-edge, you can count on these picks because they sell in huge numbers each summer. 

Let’s get to it, starting with something to keep your customers cool on a roasting day.

1. Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

Portable Air Conditioner

When the summer heat becomes unbearable, a portable air conditioner with a remote control can be an absolute lifesaver. This handy device is sold in big numbers at this time of year and is perfect for a quick and efficient way to cool down any room. It’s compact, easy to move, and doesn’t require any permanent installation, making it one of the best summer products to offer your customers. 

The remote control feature allows users to adjust the settings without leaving their comfort zone. The units come in various sizes and capacities, so there’s an option for every need, from small bedrooms to larger living areas. Whether for home offices, apartments, or even outdoor tents, this summer item is a must-have to beat the heat.

Pro Tip: Great photography is essential here, preferably with a summer vibe on the beach or around the pool. Upsell with lens cleaners.

2. Polarized Round Sunglasses

Polarized glasses

One of the key summer essentials for anyone stepping out into the sun, polarized glasses are hardly a recent invention, but they are a summer item that sells in huge numbers every year, without fail. This is a staple product for many dropshippers. These stylish shades not only look the business but bring an air of sophistication to your store if you build the right creatives. 

As a product, polarized lenses reduce glare, making them perfect for beach days, driving, or any outdoor activity. That’s a huge market, potentially. Available in a range of colors and designs, there’s also a pair for all tastes. As one of the top-selling summer products, polarized round sunglasses are a proven hit. 

Pro Tip: To increase sales, consider offering sunglasses cases and cleaning cloths as add-ons.

3. Quick-Dry Oversized Beach Towel

beach towels

Good quality beach towels are perfect for beach trips, poolside lounging, or even picnics. Made from absorbent, quick-drying materials, they are both practical and comfortable. The larger size provides plenty of space for sunbathing or sharing with a friend. 

With a variety of vibrant colors and patterns, these towels can appeal to diverse tastes and age groups. As customers prepare for their summer holidays, offering these versatile summer towels will definitely boost your sales.

Pro Tip: If you can secure good wholesale prices on beach towels, you can possibly promote them as a two-for-one special.

4. Large Inflatable Pool Floats

pool floats

Large inflatable pool floats bring fun and relaxation to any water setting, whether it’s a backyard pool, a lake, or the ocean. These floats come in all sorts of comical shapes and sizes, from giant unicorns to luxury floating loungers with cup holders. 

They are usually quite simple to inflate, deflate, and store, so they are great for travel. Their playful designs appeal to both kids and adults looking to add additional fun to their water experiences. Owing to their colorful nature, they also hold visual appeal in dropshipping stores. 

Pro Tip: Be cautious in your supplier selection. Pool goats are top sellers, but they can be defect-heavy. Exercise quality control when choosing a supplier.

5. Natural Bug Repellent Spray

bug spray

As enjoyable as summer can be, it also brings a rise in annoying insects. Natural bug repellent spray is an effective solution that offers protection without the harsh chemicals found in traditional repellents. These sprays typically use ingredients like citronella, eucalyptus, and lavender, which are known for their insect-repelling properties. 

They are gentle on the skin and safe for all ages, making them a great choice for the whole family. Consider writing copy that targets moms, reminding them about the afflictions caused by various insect bites. 

Pro Tip: Think outside the box and target specific niches, like kid-friendly spray, then build educational copy targeting parents.

6. Satin Hair Scarves

satin scarves

Satin hair scarves are a stylish accessory that will bring a touch of elegance to any summer outfit. Satin scarves are perfect for protecting hair from sun damage and come in a variety of designs, patterns, and sizes, which means they appeal to diverse fashion preferences. 

As one of the top summer items, satin scarves are a fantastic addition to any dropshipping store. Customers will love the mix of practicality and style. If you find a good dropshipping supplier, you can find some amazing deals on satin scarves.

Pro Tip: Offer bundle deals with matching summer accessories to increase average order value.

7. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

steel water bottle

Steel water containers have become quite vogue over the last few years, especially during summer. These bottles keep drinks cold for hours, are durable and eco-friendly, and come in multiple sizes and colors; some even have LED temperature readers. 

They are easily one of the best summer products to offer at the moment owing to their sheer popularity. Dropshipping these bottles means providing a high-demand item that appeals to health-conscious and environmentally aware-customers. Be savvy with your sourcing, though – this is a competitive niche, so make sure you secure an aggressive price. 

Pro Tip: Highlight eco-friendly benefits in your marketing to attract environmentally conscious customers.

8. Multi-Pocket Beach Bag

beach bag

Designed to be sand-proof and highly versatile, multi-pocket beach bags are perfect for carrying all summer essentials with a loose, carefree, casual vibe. They come in a wide range of materials, sizes, and compartments, so you can target a broad spectrum of people

Adding these practical and stylish summer products to your store will attract customers looking for convenience and durability in their beach accessories. With this product, try to focus less on fashion and more on form, as the market generally cares more about functionality with beach bags. 

Pro Tip: Use blind dropshipping to avoid shipping with factory labeling. Your products appear higher value when packed, and shipped in your own branding.

9. Foldable Kids’ Pool

kids pool

Easy to set up and portable, foldable pools allow kids and pets to enjoy the water without needing a trip to the actual beach. As a regular summer item, it’s a worthy addition to any dropshipping store, appealing to families looking for affordable and convenient ways to keep their children entertained during the hot months. 

Pro Tip: Bundle with pool toys and floaties for a complete backyard summer fun package.

10. Electric Mosquito Zapper

mosquito zapper

An electric mosquito zapper is another essential summer item for maintaining an insect-free environment. Effective against mosquitoes and other insects, these zappers are durable and easy to use.

Available in different sizes and designs, including UV or LED light options, stocking these in your store ensures you’re offering a practical solution to a common summer problem. 

Pro Tip: Emphasize the zapper’s benefits for camping trips and outdoor events to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

11. Platform Summer Sandals

summer sandals

Platform summer sandals are another example of summer dropshipping products where fashion meets function. They come in a range of materials, colors, and heel heights, offering something for every style. 

Whether paired with a sundress or shorts, these sandals are a go-to for anyone wanting to jazz up their summer wardrobe. Adding these sandals to your store can attract fashion-savvy customers looking for both style and comfort.

Pro Tip: Use social media to showcase different outfit pairings with these sandals, inspiring customers and boosting sales.

12. Solid Color Sun Hat

solid color hat

A solid-colored sun hat provides essential sun protection while keeping your look on point. These hats are available in various materials and sizes and are effortlessly adaptable to any personal style. 

Perfect for the beach, picnics, or casual strolls, they are a staple summer item. Stocking functional summer items like this in your store will appeal to a broad range of customers.

Pro Tip: Promote these hats alongside summer outfits to encourage complete-look purchases.

13. Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

bluetooth speaker

A Bluetooth waterproof speaker is a common accessory for any summer outing – ideal for beach days, pool parties, and camping trips. 

With various sizes, colors, and battery life options, offering these speakers in your dropshipping store can attract customers looking for reliable and fun summer products.

Pro Tip: Highlight the speaker’s waterproof feature in marketing campaigns to attract outdoor enthusiasts.

14. One-Piece Women’s Swimsuit


These swimsuits come in various designs, materials, and colors, appealing to a broad selection of women. From lounging by the pool to diving into the waves, swimsuits are staple summer products. Including these in your dropshipping store can draw customers looking for trendy and practical swimwear.

Pro Tip: Feature customer photos and reviews to build trust and showcase real-life applications.

15. Inflatable Drink Floats

drink floats

Inflatable drink floats add a touch of fun to any pool party. These floats come in playful shapes and sizes, perfect for holding drinks while lounging in the water. Easy to inflate and use, they are a joyful and functional summer item. Stocking these in your store can attract customers looking to ramp up the fun in their poolside experiences.

Pro Tip: Pair these floats with pool inflatables and summer party supplies to create themed bundles.

Bottom Line

The summer products on this list are proven winners with reliable margins. Find a great supplier and be diligent about sourcing quality dropshipping products, and you should be able to sell these summer items in big numbers, provided all other elements of your dropshipping store are well put together.

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